Best Sardinia Beaches &Hotels You’ll Love in 2023. By a Local!

December 18, 2022

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Discover The Best Sardinia Beaches, Hotels, And Resorts By The Beach

 Last Updated: December 2022


Do you want to discover the best Sardinia Beaches? You’re in the right place: Imagine white sandy shores, pristine waters, and fabulous hotels and resorts by the beach. No wonder every year my friends start emailing and calling me with the same old request: 

Clelia, this summer I really want to visit you! (yes, right, me!) Can you recommend the best beaches in Sardinia I must see and where to stay, preferably in some fabulous resort or hotel by the beach?”

So I thought, well, I have a travel blog now, and I’ve been so lucky to be born in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Let me share everything I know about it! Starting from the fundamental question, just in case you’re wondering:

“Where is Sardinia?”

Image attribution: Licence


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Best Sardinia Beaches Index: Click On Your Favorite Beach!

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Pros& Cons To Visit The Best Sardinia Beaches In Hight Season :

Before you decide to take a plane and visit Sardinia, I put together a list of Pros and Cons to give you an idea of what to expect:



Sardinia has almost 2000 km of turquoise transparent sandy beaches with nothing to envy of the Caribbean. In fact, people who’ve been to the Caribbeans and Sardinia might prefer the latter for its sea colors. In October 2016, I moved to Mexico and loved it, but for a Sardinian person, it is tough to get impressed with the beaches! We might not have the tropical countries’ coral reefs, but there are areas in Sardinia where scuba diving and snorkeling are still exciting.


Sardinian weather is usually lovely, sunny, and warm from May until September/October, which gives you plenty of choices to decide the best time to book your perfect holiday! People from Northern Europe visit Sardinia in our “colder months” (from October to February) and still find it very enjoyable! The best season starts in June and ends in September when the weather is usually still stable and warm; after that, it’s a bit of a Russian Roulette! 


You can find quiet and relaxing places or very mundane (mostly VIP) ones, beautiful beaches, cultural/historical sites, and deliciously filling cuisine! My favorite Sardinian dish is “Spaghetti Alla Bottarga” and “Tallarinus”. I’ll talk about what you should try in terms of food in my new Sardinia section, so stay tuned; a lot more is coming up soon!



Sardinia offers all kinds of deals from the Sultan of Brunei, with a Yacht resembling the size of a transatlantic boat, to the young, penniless backpacker. You’ll find cheap accommodation in lovely villas and super expensive luxurious resorts with everything you could dream of (and much more, for a super fancy and comfortable Holiday).



They can get expensive if you don’t book way in advance. The same applies to flights and boats: last-minute purchases can be costly or unavailable. The best time to book is March/April. Don’t miss my article on “Why visit Sardinia in September/October.”


 It can get very crowded during peak season, especially on touristy beaches. You can easily avoid it by visiting in June/September. The more beautiful a place is, the more you must fight to find your little piece of paradise and get ready to share it!


Public transport in Sardinia can be very frustrating if you don’t know the area well. I’ll give you some valuable links on public and private transport at the end of the article. We are trying to improve, but there is still a lot to do, especially the connections between the east and the west.  Read how to get around Sardinia

For All The Sardinia Beaches I’ll Cover:

Beach Main Points:

A brief recap of why I included the beach in my Top 10 list with its specific features and peculiarities. Each beach is gorgeous, and I consider the sea as the first parameter, then the overall beach (sand, how big the beach is, facilities, scenic & panoramic views, etc.)

Great deals for Hotels, Resorts, Villas, and Campings in Sardinia:

Camping/bungalow: Camping in Sardinia is not for everyone, but it’s a smart and cheap way to enjoy your holiday in Sardinia! I tried it many times (I was a massive fan of camping when I was a teenager, now, my back needs a bit more than a thin mattress, but it was a lot of fun! ). Ideal for students, backpackers, and adventurers of all ages! I will also help you in finding super cheap deals for resorts and villas.


Suggestions for Cheap Hotels, Villas, Resorts, and B&B in Sardinia:

OK, if you (like me) need to rest on a comfy bed in a room with – possibly- an en-suite bathroom, finding the right place to stay without spending a fortune can be time-consuming.


Well, since I want you to discover the best Sardinia beaches, I did the job for you! It took me three full days to research the Best Deals for Hotels, B&B, Resorts, and villas in Sardinia on the web (from a trusted website I use, obviously!). I decided what to include based on whether I know the place personally, its online reviews, and the location. You just need to click on my suggestions and decide what’s best for you!



Check out my ready-to-use article, where I give you the itinerary for one week in Sardinia. They are nine separate ones, full of details for different areas of Sardinia. The most popular post among my readers; don’t miss it!

Reviews on things to do and the best activities in Sardinia:

I think it’s also essential for you to know what other people think about a specific place/Accommodation/Hotel or activity. I want you to have the most precise idea of what suits you the best. You might be a single traveler, a family with kids, or traveling as a couple: your needs vary, and what is good for you might not be suitable for someone else.


During my travels, I always check out TripAdvisor, and I review the places I’ve stayed so that other people can benefit from my experience. I hope this will help you in your decision-making!

Top Websites I Use To Book My Trips Online


You will find very cheap options for Villas, B&B, and Hotels in almost every location in Sardinia (I love this website, it has it all!). You can cancel your booking last minute without losing your money, and it’s very reliable.

Book Your Hotel Here


The best place to look for reviews of activities, sites, and restaurants in Sardinia online! Tripadvisor is my first choice before deciding where to book. I consider it a MUST, and I also contribute with my reviews!

Check out the Deals Here

So, now that you have all the tools to help you decide the holiday of your dreams in Sardinia …LET’S GET STARTED!

 Best Sardinia Beaches & Hotels Near The Beach

  This is a tough one, but I try my best! I will start from my “least favorite” (which is nothing less than stunning anyway) to my “top of the top” beach, the one I drool over all the time! In addition, I will put my recommendations for Cheap Hotels and Resorts in the area!



San Giovanni Di Sinis is a lovely beach on the west coast near the city of Oristano and Cabras. It’s not as tourist as the other beaches, and it is easy to reach by scooter or car (around 30 minutes from the main city – Oristano). As for all the beaches in Sardinia I’m listing here, don’t expect them to be deserted during peak season.


I adore this beach because you park the car and then you get down a path to the actual beach so you will enjoy a splendid panoramic view from above first!


A word of advice: All the area around Oristano is well known for having quite strong underwater currents. In many parts of the beach, the sea gets deep almost immediately, so be careful if you are not a swimmer or have kids. Nothing to worry about, it’s not super dangerous, but you need to pay extra attention.


Facilities & Food: The beach is free, so you won’t find places to rent a beach umbrella and chairs; you need to get your own. There are a few restaurants near the parking area, so you don’t necessarily need to bring your mini-fridge and food/beverages. But if you are on the cheap side, you better do.

Where Is San Giovanni Di Sinis And Is Arutas Beach?

I have marked the main points of interest: Oristano and Cabras on the right and Torregrande is in the middle between Oristano and San Giovanni di Sinis beach (at the end of the route). Up north, there is another marvelous beach to discover: Is Arutas!

Distances From Oristano/Cabras/Torregrande To The Beaches:

  • Oristano  to Torregrande beach by car: 12 minutes (7 km)
  • Oristano  to San Giovanni di Sinis by car: 20 minutes  (19 km)
  • Oristano to Is Aruttas by car: 25 minutes (22 km)

If you stay in Cabras or Torregrande, the distances to the beaches are around 10 minutes

Cheap Hotels, B&B, And Villas In Oristano:

It costs around 9/12 euros for a camping space in June/July/beginning of August. Renting a house in Oristano or Cabras is also a cheap option if you are 3/4 people and book a bit in advance. If you own a Caravan, the Oristano area is full of dedicated places, and it’s pretty easy to get around!

Best Accommodations Near Oristano:

Oristano is one of the fewer tourist areas in Sardinia, so it’s a bit easier to find cheap hotels and B&B compared to other areas in Sardinia. (Click on the link to see more). So, where should you research? Oristano town, Cabras or Torregrande? It depends on what you want. If you prefer the comfort of the city and have more to do in the evenings, then Oristano is the right option for you.


Suppose you don’t mind staying in a quiet village and savoring the more traditional Sardinian vibe. In that case, Cabras and Torregrande are a better choice, with the bonus that Torregrande has its beach and both towns are slightly closer to the beaches.


Want to know more? Click on this link, Tripadvisor Reviews for Oristano Hotels, villas, resorts, activities, and highlights!

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Oristano



Located in Torre Grande, this B&B is perfect for saving money and experiencing Sardinian life. Free Wifi, terrace, and garden. Twenty minutes away from San Giovanni di Sinis beachPrice p/p:  From 25 Euros



Many people ask me about experiencing the real Sardinia. If you book this B&B, you definitely can! Typical furniture, AirCon & Wifi, and the owners are friendly and helpful! The real Sardinia deal! Price p/p: From 26 Euros 



This guesthouse is perfect and conveniently located in the heart of Oristano for a more modern vibe. It has a kitchenette, AirCon, Flat-screen TV, and balcony, and it’s only 7 km from Torregrande beach! Price p/p: From 45 Euros 



-Located in the top North of the Island-


The atmosphere in Santa Teresa is breathtaking, with deep turquoise waters and beautiful underwater formations, making Santa Teresa di Gallura the perfect location for Scuba Diving and snorkeling lovers! There are so many great beaches to explore, so I decided to cheat a little and add 3 top ones you shouldn’t miss if you visit Santa Teresa and make it your base for your Sardinia holidays!

La Licciola

Rena Bianca

Cala Spinosa

Map Of The Best Sardinia Beaches Near Santa Teresa Di Gallura

Distances From Santa Teresa Di Gallura To The Beaches:

  • Santa Teresa to La Rena Bianca: 5-15 min by foot – 5 min by car (It’s the city beach so it depends on where you are located)
  • Santa Teresa to La Licciola beach by car: 35 minutes  (19 km)
  • Santa Teresa to Cala Spinosa Beach by car: 10 minutes (5 km)

Cheap Hotels In Santa Teresa Di Gallura:

Camping in the area (not on the beach, which is strictly prohibited in Sardinia!) costs around 10/20 euros per day. It depends on if it is slow or high season. Click here to see the reviews for camping in Santa Teresa di Gallura. One top-rated camping site in the area is Camping La Liccia. Check it out!

Cheap Accommodation, Hotels & Resorts In Santa Teresa Di Gallura:

Here is the link to Santa Teresa Di Gallura’s best hotel deals. Alternatively, if you are traveling with your family or in a group of at least 3/4 people, one of the best options would be to rent a villa. This way, you will be comfortable staying in your private house, cooking meals if you want, and saving money! 

I love this option, and I had great experiences all around Sardinia by renting a villa (or “Villetta” in Italian) with my friends and sometimes with my family.

The “Villetta” Is a private house usually rented by a local, so it’s much cheaper than the classic luxury villas.


Check out the main attractions and things to do in Santa Teresa Di Gallura on Tripadvisor. There are plenty of activities to discover for everyone!

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Santa Teresa



These apartments in Santa Teresa are a real bargain! At just 800m from Rena Binaca beach, they are a very cheap deal (especially in low season, but also in high season). They usually are sold out very quickly, so hurry up! Suitable for four people. Price p/p: From 10 Euros 



These apartments are fantastic! No wonder why they are already almost fully booked for the season. You’ll have a fantastic sea view, balcony, kitchenette, and an oven. Close to the beach and Airport. Suitable for eight people. Price p/p: From 13 Euros



Do you want to stay near the beach? These villas are only 300m from the Colonne Romane Beach! They include Kitchenette, a dining area, and a flat-screen TV. Hurry up, as they are almost fully booked! Suitable for four people. Price p/p: From 30 Euros


 8: SAN TEODORO  (Love this place!)


If you want spectacularly white sandy Sardinia beaches, a cheap place to stay, and A LOT OF FUN… San Teodoro is the place for you! I went camping there a few times when I was a penniless student, and I remember those times as the most fun of my life! Parties on the beach, fantastic music, cocktail bars, and many new friends.

The main beach in San Teodoro is “La Cinta,” a long stretch of white sand and transparent turquoise waters. But San Teodoro is not only La Cinta. There are several other marvelous beaches to discover if you have a car, or if you don’t, use the local buses and the boat trip to the marine park of Tavolara. It’s worth it!


Cala Brandinchi

This spectacular beach is also known as “Little Tahiti” for its stunning colors, a must-visit if you stay in San Teodoro. Beware of the parking fees, especially during peak season they will charge you something like 10/15 euros per day (every year it gets more expensive and the lines to enter are endless even in the late afternoon).


A boat trip to la Tavolara is also mandatory if you stay in San Teodoro. The place is a protected marine area with daily trips. Alternatively, you can take the boat to Tavolara and hike to the top for a breathtaking view!

Map Of The Best Sardinia Beaches Near San Teodoro

Distances From San Teodoro To The Beaches & Olbia Airport

  • San Teodoro to Cala Brandinchi beach by car: 18 minutes (12 km)
  • San Teodoro to Tavolara by car+ boat: 20 minutes, departures from La Cinta beach and Porto San Paolo.
  • San Teodoro to Olbia airport by car: 20 minutes (28 km)

Low Budget Average Costs:

Camping is cheap for the location (around 20/30 euros per day now) yet full of amenities. We could rent bikes to reach the main beaches. The one in the picture above is La Cinta beach, and one of the biggest camping sites is just in front of it, which is convenient for those without a car. I remember spending my days lying down in the sun and playing beach tennis with my new friends. Such amazing memories!

Cheap Accommodation, Hotels And Resorts In San Teodoro:

Again, to make your life easier, here is the link to some pages for the cheapest accommodation in the area: San Teodoro’s best hotel deals. The city of San Teodoro is a perfect location for everyone, as it has shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, and remarkable nightlife. I always recommend it as a base for people who want a fun holiday and those who decided not to rent a car.


Here is the link to check out what other people say about San Teodoro on Tripadvisor. It is indeed paradise on earth!

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near SanTeodoro


Another great deal! Only 300m from La Cinta Beach, restaurant and pizzeria, terrace, and a modest price for the location. The reviews are very positive, but you need to hurry up! Price p/p:  From 20 Euros 



Fantastic deal! Just a few minutes away from Cala D’Ambra and La Cinta Beach, this place is excellent and very cheap, given the location. The only issue? It will sell out in no time. HURRY UP!  Price p/p: From 28 Euros 



The reviews for this place say: “Fabulous”. The perfect place to enjoy the San Teodoro area with a fantastic sea view and surrounded by nature. At only 7km from the main beach. Cheap deals for early bookings! Price p/p: From 35 Euros 


There are many other Hotels, Villas, and Resorts to check out on so many cheap options that your head will spin! I’ve used this website many times and found great deals. Highly recommended.

My only advice here is to book as soon as possible!

The best Villas/ Hotels will sell out if you wait too long. January, February, and March are the best months to book. If you start your research later, you might find that many places are already fully booked up until September-October.

San Teodoro is also quite close to exciting locations such as “Golfo di Orosei” and the famous VIP destination Costa Smeralda. You can reach these areas in less than 2/3 hours by bus or car.



Even if the name is not flattering in Italian -Pelosa means: “hairy woman”- ? the place is paradise on earth! Close to a small fishing village, the beach is stunning, with fine white sand, enclosed on the north by the seventeenth-century Torre della Pelosa.

In front of the beach lies the Asinara Island Natural Park, where the only human construction is a prison. Yeah, I know, a terrible place to be incarcerated! You can buy a ticket to the island for a 1-day tour. Worth it!

Low Budget Average Cost In Stintino:

Unfortunately, there are no camping sites close to Stintino. The closest one is around 45 minutes by car, and it’s quite cheap (15/20 euros per night). A bus service runs from Porto Torres and Alghero to La Pelosa beach every day. To check the departure time, you can go to the bus company’s website, ARST (see links below at the end of the article )

Best Sardinia Beaches Near Stintino Town – Other than “La Pelosa Beach”

If you book a hotel in Stintino, below are the other great beaches you can visit other than the super famous La Pelosa. They are effortless to reach by car (see the detailed map with the distances below).

La Pelosetta

Ezzi Mannu Beach

Cala Lupo Beach

Map Of The Best Sardinia Beaches Near Stintino

Distances From Stintino To The Beaches & Alghero Fertilia Airport

  • Stintino to Cala Lupo beach by car: 3-5 minutes (1.9 km)
  • Stintino to Ezzi Mannu by car: 15 minutes (12 km)
  • Stintino to la Pelosa beach by car: 5 minutes (3 km)
  • Stintino to La Pelosetta Beach by car: 7 min (4 km)
  • Stintino to Alghero Fertilia Airport by car: average 40 min (45/50 km depending on the route)

Cheap Hotels & Resorts Near Stintino:

Here is the link for the best hotel deals in Stintinoa super lovely and simple village with no frills but well located and not too far by car from the main city Alghero, just a 45 minutes ride. You will find shops, a few restaurants, and the little pier and promenade for a relaxing walk. Perfect for escaping the super touristy Alghero (even if Stintino also might get crowded during peak season, being so close to the most beautiful beach in the area: La Pelosa) 


Here are the reviews on Stintino and surrounding areas collected from Tripadvisor.

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Stintino


Incredible Hotel, and also incredibly cheap! 3km away from La Pelosa Beach (transfers included), swimming pool with a sea view. Tennis court and children’s playground. Perfect for a relaxing family vacation! Price p/p:  From 23 Euros 



One of the most famous Hotels in the Stintino area, with a luxury vibe but very affordable prices. A great restaurant with typical Sardinian dishes, a fantastic swimming pool, and near the town center! You couldn’t ask for more! Price p/p:  From 24 Euros 



A charming 4-star hotel with a big swimming pool, free transport to La Pelosa Beach, a restaurant with typical Sardinian dishes, night entertainment, an incredible sea view, and a private patio! Price p/p: From 25 Euros 


6: MARI PINTAU – ( Villasimius)


The name of this beach is much better than our hairy woman above! “Mari Pintau” is a Sardinian expression that means “Painted sea” (not difficult to guess why!).

This beach is in one of my favorite parts of the Sardinian coast. The main road is on the edge of a cliff degrading directly to the turquoise sea, creating beautiful scenery for many kilometers, up until Villasimius town (a very touristic and famous area).

Low Budget Places In Villasimius:

Camping in the surrounding areas is cheap (around 10/13 euros depending on the season). There are also bus services on the main road from Cagliari to Villasimius that stops at every small beach (the trip is cheap and panoramic, but a bit slow).

Cheap Accommodations, Hotels & Resorts In Villasimius:

Check out the link to the best deals in Villasimius. I love Villasimius so much! There are several lovely small coves that it’s impossible to list all. 

Bonus feature for you: If you decide to get around Sardinia without a car, this is one of the best locations for your needs. Public transport connects the major cities, and the buses pass by many coastal villages and touristy destinations.


As usual, here is the link to the Tripadvisor Page for the reviews on activities and places to stay in Villasimius.

 Before giving you the names of my favorites places to stay in Villasimius, I have one warning for you: As previously mentioned, I’m checking the accommodations one by one (it’s taking me forever to guarantee you the best possible choices!), and for Villasimius, most of the hotels are already fully booked, so my main suggestion is to HURRY UP!

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Villasimius


Only one piece of advice for this incredible place: If you want to visit Villasimius for a reasonably low price, this is it! Hurry Up as the availability is limited. Check out the pictures. They are amazing! The top choice among my readers! Price p/p: From 27 Euros 



If I could only use one word to describe this Hotel would be: “WOW.” OK, I have a sweet spot for jacuzzi pools, and this property has one with a fantastic sea view, not to mention the rest of the amenities. Awesome! Price p/p:  From 45 Euros 



A bit more expensive than the average, but well worth it! Walking distance from Simius beach, private beach, swimming pool, tropical gardens, and very close to the bus stop. You can’t miss this paradise! Price p/p:  From 77 Euros 




Chia is MY BEACH! It’s just 45 min from my house, and I’ve been there a million times, so I can say this is my territory! The beach is vast and very long, with fine golden sand, a crystal clear sea, and two little islands just in front. You can reach them by walking in the water and “climbing” the biggest one to see the entire bay from the top. Worth it!

But don’t forget to wear sandals to avoid hurting your feet on the rocks! Perfect beach for everything: water sports like windsurfing, surfing, and canoeing are trendy here, but you can choose to just relax by swimming and sunbathing all day!


    • Warnings: There are no restaurants nearby, just a few bungalow-sized bars selling chips and ice creams, so bring some packed lunch with you if you want to stay all day long.


    • Getting to Chia beach if you don’t have a car: Walking from the main road bus stop will take a bit long (I never did it, but I’d say it would take at least 30 minutes). The best way to enjoy the beach is to search for accommodation nearby and rent a bike.





Cheap Average Cost In Chia:

Camping is around 16/25 euros depending on the season. The beach is a bit secluded, so it is more expensive than the other areas. There is a massive resort nearby the beach: “Chia Laguna Resort,” which is fantastic but a bit more pricey; if you want to splurge, this might be the perfect place for you. I LOVE IT!


Every time I pass the resort to go to the beach, I give it a longing look, thinking about those lucky people who can afford to stay in there! I saw it from the inside while working in the kitchen, and it’s something out of this world!

Cheap Accommodation, Hotels, And Resorts In Chia:

Chia is not a very cheap area, but you can still find reasonable prices if you book in advance and is patient to research for the perfect deal for you. The link lists all the Villas/hotels/resorts in the area: Accommodation in Chia  (From the cheapest options to the Luxury Resorts).


Activities and places to see around Chia reviewed on Tripadvisor.

My Recommendation here is: BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It was very challenging to find these deals (even in low season), as almost all the cheapest options were already fully booked until September!

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Chia


Lovely “Villette” (well-sized, fully furnished apartments) near Chia’s main beach. Perfect for family holidays, they can host up to 4 people. A note: It’s been very challenging to find availability for these! Price p/p:  From 43 Euros 



A well-known family-run Hotel, 500m from the beautiful Su Giudeu Beach. It has a bar and a common Lounge Area to relax, and it’s 15 minutes by car from the main village Pula. Great deal for the price! Price p/p: From 50 Euros 



One of the dreamy Hotels around Chia, sometimes they have a 30% discount! I have to admit it: I was drooling over this offer! Fantastic setting for an unforgettable Holiday! Price p/p: From 73 Euros 




One of the most beautiful Marine National Parks in the north, if you come to Sardinia, I strongly recommend visiting it for a few days; it’s breathtaking!! 

Day trips by boat to the Arcipelago Della Maddalena are available at a reasonable price (around 30/40 euros), and you can choose what itinerary you want. Some boats let you stay on one or two beaches for the entire day, while others allow you to see more islands for a limited time.

Tip: For the best price, go directly to the local agencies or the box offices at the pier for more info. Some buses take you to the closest attractions of Costa Smeralda’s best beaches, the VIP part of the island. I’m not crazy about it, but many people find it fascinating, giving them the “Portofino” feeling of luxury. If you are there, why not? Trying never hurt anybody, right? ?

Low  Budget Average Cost At Arcipelago Della Maddalena:

“La Maddalena” is the only island in the archipelago with a small inhabited village where you can find proper accommodation. The place is nice but a bit expensive. For camping and housing, a good base camp is the small village of Arzachena/Cannigione.

I’ve been there for a couple of years, and it was amazingly cheap for the location (around 25/30 euros up to date). From there, you can choose local buses or minibusses that will take you to the pier for the boat trips.

Cheap Accomodation And Hotels At Arcipelago Della Maddalena:

Now the good news! Even if the place is in one of the most popular VIP areas, the prices are considerably lower if you choose to stay in Cannigione/Arzachena. Here is a complete list of the accommodations available for Arzachena and Cannigione:

  • Arzachena Hotels and B&B
  • Cannigione Hotels and B&B
  •  La Maddalena Hotels and B&B

Best Boat Trips To Arcipelago Della Maddalena:

Here are the top day trips with reviews and prices!


My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near La Maddalena – Sardinia


Incredibly cheap apartments and fantastic reviews include all amenities: a washing machine, flat-screen TV, kitchenette, WiFi, and a balcony. These properties will sell out in no time! Hurry up! Price p/p: From 21 Euros



Great value for this Hotel in la Maddalena Island; it is ideally located near the harbor. Each room has a private patio or balcony, and it’s very convenient to explore the island and take fantastic day trips! Price p/p: From 38 Euros 



This lovely B&B is set only 100m from the sea, exceptional quality for the price and the location, free WiFi, refrigerator, and flat-screen TV. The pier is only 10 minutes away by car, where you can catch the boats for Palau. Price p/p: From 40 Euros 




If I could choose the best beach in my area, Tuerredda would be # 1! A few kilometers away from Chia beach, Tuerredda is a piece of paradise. It has EVERYTHING you need to define it as “the perfect beach”:

A breathtaking scenery when you arrive, perfect fine white sand, bushes, and rocks at the two ends of the beach, and a sea that is so clear and crystalline that the first thing I do every time I arrive is to throw my stuff on the beach and go for a swim. I can’t resist!

Cheap Hotels near Tuerredda Beach:

Tuerredda isn’t cheap. People that can afford to rent a house for a couple of weeks are spending A LOT of money on it! So how can you still enjoy this paradise without spending a fortune? Well, first of all: If you can afford it, visit Sardinia in the low season (read my article in the link to see why ?

In June, the weather is already perfect, prices are down, and you can even have the beach to yourself! (Maybe not entirely, but nothing compared to the August crowds!). My suggestion is to go for a cheap camping area around, there are a few for just 20/25 euros per night, and take the local bus to get there (this way you will avoid the ridiculously high price for the parking area too!).

Another great option is to book a hotel in Santa Margherita di Pula or Cagliari and possibly rent a car. If you stay in Cagliari, you can easily reach Tuerredda beach in about an hour (without traffic) and enjoy the many things to do in Cagliari on your return.

Santa Margherita di Pula is also fantastic because it is closer to Tuerredda and it is a small town with its beautiful beaches (not as attractive as Tuerredda in my opinion, but beautiful in themselves).


IMPORTANT NEW FOR TUERREDDA BEACH 2022/2023: Starting from the 19th of June, 2021, Tuerredda access is restricted to a fixed number of visitors per day until the 30th of September each year. Only a set number of people can enjoy the beach each day. Precisely 729 people on the free beach and 371 on the private part. 

How do you book your spot at Tuerredda beach in advance? You can only book in advance for the private beaches. Here is the Official website for Tuerredda Beach. To know in real-time how many spaces are still available for the free and private beach.

Screenshot of the official Tuerredda (with my notes in English)

Cheap Accommodation And Hotel In Tuerredda:

Not all hope is lost here. If you are not into camping at all, you could still find a villa or hotel at affordable prices. Below I have put a few links where you will find plenty of options for Hotels/Resorts and Villas in the areas surrounding Tuerredda beach (which is relatively isolated, and you’ll have to get there by car or bus):

  • Tuerredda hotels and cheap villas 
  • Cheap Hotels deals for the Domus De Maria
  • Cheap Hotels near Teulada


Here are the reviews for Tuerredda beach from TripAdvisor. It ranked number one of the places to see close to Teulada (See? You can trust me after all!). In the following link, there are reviews for all the activities in the Teulada and Domus de Maria areas.

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Tuerredda


For these apartments, I can say only one thing (I know the area and the prices): BOOK IT NOW! I had to search for availability on different dates as they were full. Now, that’s a real deal! Suitable for six people. Price p/p: From 14 Euros 



What an incredible deal, Ideal for groups and families. A fantastic private villa with a swimming pool at this price (per person)! This offer won’t stay on the market for long. Suitable for six people.  Price p/p: From 25 Euros 



A B&B with great reviews, a fantastic location, and a super affordable price in Tuerredda-Domus De Maria! The B&B is also very close to Chia Beach and offers breakfast, a flat-screen TV, and a terrace! Price p/p: From 30 Euros




Cala Goloritze has been declared a “World Heritage site” by UNESCO*** ***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERDoing some research on the Official UNESCO website, I discovered that Cala Goloritze’ is NOT on the list. My previous affirmation came from numerous websites and blogs that gave this wrong information. Given how much I love my island and considering the popularity of this article, I don’t want to risk giving you any incorrect information.

So why the confusion? Quite simple: Cala Goloritzè was declared a “Natural Monument” of the Region of Sardinia in 1993 and then named “Italian National Monument” in 1995 by the Regione Sardegna. The terminology “Natural Monument and National Monument” must have confused many people, including me, at first! So what is so special about Cala Goloritze? It is a very secluded beach out of reach of ANY possible road. Located on the east coast on the “Golfo di Orosei,” around 2 hrs from Olbia.

You can get there through a unique path through bushes, oaks, and whitish limestone walls. As you descend in altitude between the canyons, you can see the deep blue sea and sky. After 1 or 2 hours of walking and sweating, as soon as you see the beach, you instantly know it was WELL WORTH IT!. 

If you go there in the early morning, you will have the small beach all to yourself. All the areas around the “Golfo di Orosei” are truly AMAZING. I like the contrast between the turquoise of the sea and the high mountains full of green trees and bushes behind the beach. It’s spectacular and I can’t get enough of that view!

Cheap Hotels Near Cala Goloritze’:

As you can imagine, it is not allowed to stay on the beach overnight. You need to collect your remaining energy and get back on the same path for a 3-hour climb back to the main road. Quite something after a day of swimming and roasting under the sun! The good part is that you can sleep for one or two nights in a bed and breakfast in one of the small villages nearby (Baunei being the closest one). If you are into the real Sardinian experience, then Baunei is the place for you!


You can see older men playing cards and drinking beers, wine, and Mirto! The village is also very close to other tourist attractions like the plateau of Golgo, a fascinating place with jaw-dropping views, where you can not lose “Su Sterru” Cost is around 20/25 euros per night, so not bad at all. Transports to the main road are also quite tricky, and you need a scooter or a car. But again, it is well worth it for a one or 2-day tour.

Further Cheap Accommodation Near Cala Goloritze’:

As previously mentioned, the closest and most convenient village near Cala Goloritzè is Baunei, where you can find some cheap Hotels and B&B at reasonable prices. Here is a complete list of Hotels and B&B in Baunei.


My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Cala Goloritzè


With air conditioning, the apartment comes with a seating area with a sofa and flat-screen TV. It has an equipped kitchen and a washing machine. Cala Goloritze is 20 minutes away by carSuitable for four people. Price p/p: From 15 Euros 



Antiche Case in Pietra: Translated “Old houses made of stone”, is a lovely traditional Sardinian place in Baunei. It offers self-catering accommodation with rustic décor, air conditioning, and a great kitchenette! Suitable for 2 or 4 people. Price p/p: From 26 Euros 



This B&B is in the lovely traditional village of Baunei and has excellent reviews. It offers a garden, terrace, and classic-style accommodation with a balcony. Free WiFi is available in public areas. Great value! Price p/p: From 30 Euros 




This beach is the most spectacular in Sardinia (my modest opinion!). I just discovered that it is also ranking #1 on TripAdvisor. First, the picture doesn’t do any justice to the beach! It only shows a part; on the left, you will see two other beaches separated by big white rocks. You can reach the beach by boat.

If you are on a low budget, you can use the 1-day trip by boat and choose one that allows you to stay there the whole day. Using boat trips is the best way to enjoy this spectacular beach, as it can get quite crowded when the boats arrive and let people on the beach for a couple of hours.

This way, you can stay there when everyone else goes back on the boat and have fewer people on the beach until the next full of tourists arrives. The day trip by boat is around 35/40 euros, and I would happily spend it every summer to get to my favorite beach! I also tried scuba diving there. The picture below is the proof ?

Me trying to play with the fish at Cala Mariolu when scuba diving

Low Budget Hotels Near Cala Mariolu:

As for Cala Goloritze, you can’t stay overnight, so the best option is to find accommodation in one of the villages nearby (Baunei and Orosei) and start your day trip from the Arbatax pier. For some possibilities on cheap Hotels and villas near Cala Mariolu, check out the point below.

Cheap Accommodation And Hotels Near Cala Mariolu:

The best places to search for cheap accommodation are Baunei and Orosei, but if you book a one-day trip and have a car, anywhere within the Golfo di Orosei is an excellent place to stay. Below are the links to the primary hotels/villas/apartments you should check out: Baunei | Orosei

My Suggestions: Hotels and Resorts near Cala Mariolu


This B&B set in central Orosei and less than 3km from the Sardinian seafront offers free WiFi in the entire building, free bike rental, and a garden. The owner will provide An Italian-style breakfast daily. Price p/p: From 30 Euros 



Club Hotel Marina Beach is a beautiful establishment in the heart of the East coast of Sardinia. Enjoy a relaxing stay by the sandy beach, which is super popular among tourists. Perfect for FamiliesThe swimming pool is a plus! Price p/p: From 39 Euros 



Offering an outdoor pool, B&B Addisora is located in Orosei. Free WiFi access is available. Rooms here provide you with air conditioning and a patio. The B&B is a few kilometers away from the Golfo Di Orosei beaches! Price p/p: From 40 Euros 


Further Reading About Sardinia and Sardinia Beaches

How To Get To Sardinia:

Option #1: Cagliari/Oristano & Surrounding Touristic Areas:

From mainland Italy, fly to Cagliari/Elmas Airport; from there, you can take a direct bus to Cagliari and then take a local bus to your destination. Buses are the most convenient way to reach tourist destinations out of the main cities. Private and public bus lines cover almost every single touristic place.


The bus is generally relatively slow and takes a couple of hours or more per 100 km since it stops at the main villages, but it’s cheap and comfortable. Trains are also available from Cagliari to the main cities of the island. Alternatively, you can take the passenger boat from Livorno or Rome to Cagliari, as the bus station is just a 5-minute walk from the harbor.

Option #2: Olbia/Sassari & Touristic Areas (Costa Smeralda, Golfo di Orosei, Arcipelago della Maddalena, Stintino)

From mainland Italy, fly to Olbia airport or Alghero airport and take one of the local buses to your preferred destinations. Alternatively, you can take the Passengers boat to Porto Torres or Olbia, and from there take the direct trains available to all the main cities on the island OR take one of the many private/public buses to your destination.

Useful Links to the major private/public transport companies in Sardinia:

DIRECT FERRIES: Do you want to book a ferry to and from Sardinia? Or check the availability and routes? Below is the most helpful link to find all the companies operating on all routes! That’s the only thing I use to book my ferry to Sardinia

ARST:  Public service buses to the main touristic destinations. TURMO TRAVEL: Another well-known bus company.

Do you want more? Check out my homemade video! it’s not the best quality as I took the pictures with an old mobile, but it gives you a great idea of what paradise is, even with bad-quality pictures ?

Do you want to receive updates from me via email? I’m currently working on tailored guides for different types of tourists coming to Sardinia. If you wish to receive a free copy, take 1 minute to subscribe. All for free and no Spam! ?


So my dear friends, enjoy your holidays and make the most of them! Sardinia is a unique island! If I convinced you and you want some more info, leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help! ?


Do you want to read about other amazing destinations? Here is my post (a very honest one) about Sri Lanka!




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