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July 26, 2013

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Situated strategically in South-East Asia, Singapore is rightly known for its advanced economy and multifarious culture. Traces of this multicultural influence can be easily seen in almost every aspect of Singapore.

If you thought that having a diverse background adds to confusion and helter-skelter in the Lion City, you could be grievously mistaken! It is quite remarkable to observe Singaporeans use their varied backgrounds as a unified strength that makes them stand out amidst the crowd.

Singapore multicultural

Singapore’s exuberant lifestyle and efficacy make it the darling of most tourists.

There are some of the most attractive places in town, and along with these, you can unravel some more such exciting aspects of this lovely place.

Read along for a brief lowdown on the different Singapore Highlights you should never miss out!




Tourist spots

Singapore has some of the best places that leave you feeling refreshed and perked up. There are some really attractive spots in Singapore that make it stand out and leave tourists craving for more and more. Some of the best spots to visit include:


Sentosa Island Singpore

It is one of the best places in Singapore for visiting. You can find some incredible beaches and enticing tourist spots in this lovely Island. Everyone finds something or the other appalling about this attractive little Island.

You can also find some refreshingly new places in Sentosa Islands where you can explore many things and rediscover some fascinating aspects. Some of the best places to visit in Sentosa Island include the Underwater Aquarium, Dolphin Lagoon and Tiger Sky Tower.



Singapore Zoo white tiger

Are you looking for an out-and-out adventurous tryst with Kingdom Animalia? If yes, how about exploring the multi-faceted animal kingdom in Singapore!

It can be quite an adventure to witness orangutans, exotic fish species and other Asian animal species. You can also treat yourself to a nocturnal adventure by taking a Night Safari for a vivid encounter with some of the most fascinating nocturnal species.



Sky park Singapore

A trip to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is totally worth it. You can witness some of the best sights and get a chance to witness the attractive spectacle of this monumental wonder. You can also get a chance to try your luck at casinos and swim in the ‘Infinity Pool on top of this building.



You really need to witness another aspect of the vivacious Lion City. Let the art-lover inside you explore the wonders of this little art hub. You can also consider witnessing the International Music Event at the Esplanade.


Singapore food


Pamper your taste buds with Singapore’s exquisite cuisine!
Singaporean cuisine is known for its large variety of delicious delicacies. Some of the choicest delights of Singapore’s cuisine include:

Drunken Prawns: Find them at most hawker centers in Singapore. This delicacy is creatively crafted by cooking prawns with Chinese rice wine.

BBQ Stingray: You’re not likely to find better BBQ Stingray elsewhere in the world. Singapore’s Sambal Stingray and BBQ Stingray sure come across as some of the most tasteful delights.

Beef noodle soup with gravy and meatballs: Singaporeans have a way with meat, and you can definitely get to enjoy this talent of theirs if you try out this delicacy.

Ayam Buah Keluak: Singaporean cuisine has a Nyonya influence, which can be experienced with these tastefully prepared stewed chicken and black buah keluak nuts.





Tourists visiting Singapore make use of their Singapore Working Holiday Pass to the fullest by witnessing all these beautiful aspects of Singapore. The delicious cuisines, along with the pleasant culture and surroundings in Singapore make it one of the best destinations around.

Do not miss out on Singapore’s lively and upbeat nightlife. You can also shop your way to ecstasy in Singapore’s markets,where you can enjoy slashed prices during the Great Sale!

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Happy holiday everyone!



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