SARDINIA PHOTOS: My 15 Favorite Instagram Pictures!

April 14, 2022

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Do you want to dream with the best Sardinia Pictures from my Instagram Account and find inspiration to find the perfect spot for your shots? Directly from my here’s why you should visit Sardinia and follow me on Instagram if you like! ?

PS: Since I’ve embedded the photos directly from Instagram, it might take a few seconds for them to load, thanks for your patience!

1 | South Sardinia

Cala Cipolla beach, detail

This Picture was taken on one of my favourite beaches in South Sardinia: Cala Cipolla, the smaller sister of “Su Giudeu beach” in Chia. Only 1 hour away by car from Cagliari (45 minutes with no traffic or low season). Totally worth it. My recommendation is to go there early in the morning.

When I arrived at around 7:45 am, the beach was surreally deserted. Just me, the seagulls and the sun rising from behind the small hill that separates this beach from the bigger one Su Giudeu. Moments worth living!

What I love the most about this photo is that I was able to capture the perfect moment (without my mobile getting wet!). I had to get very close to the water so I needed to take the shot in a split second. Mission accomplished as the Zenfone auto focus function is deadly fast. Phewwww disaster avoided ?

Sardinia Splash! With my crystal ball and #ZenfoneZoom by @asusitalia !Today’s photo was a difficult yet exciting one to capture. To me, #TravelMeans seize the moment, like I did with this shot, but also taking risks and , most importantly, being swept away by the unexpected. When I discovered @janbala I immediately fell in love with the idea of starting a conversation about what #TravelMeans to each one of us! So guys, what travel means to you? Check out @janbala and use the hash tag #TravelMeans to add your story to the conversation💓 #Sardinia #sardegnagram #sardegna #sardiniaexperience #island #instasardegna #igersardegna #igerscagliari #beach #water #ad #splash #ball #creative #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravelpic #natgeocreative #seizetheday #seizethemoment #lonelyplanet #bbctravel

Una foto pubblicata da Clelia – Keep Calm and Travel (@cleliakeepcalm) in data:

2 | South Sardinia

Cala Cipolla/Chia Beach

This summer I was experimenting with my crystal ball (my new obsession) and my Zenfone Zoom to try and capture the beauty of Sardinia from a different perspective, aka upside down and with the background out of focus, using the depth of field function!

The shining light you see on my hand is the sun refracted by the ball (when the light hits the ball it takes 1 second to burn your hand,so if you ever decide to try it, be careful… auch!).

Cala Cipolla  beach is amazing, one of my favourite in the South, highly recommended for people who love the peace and tranquillity of a smaller beach, turquoise waters and rocky formations to snorkel and swim (more on that later)

My magic ball and my #ZenfoneZoom are finally reunited in Sardinia, on the ball an upside down image of Cala Cipolla, I wish it really had the magic powers go bring me back there NOW💙💙💙 Have you ever been to #sardinia ?! #loves_sardegna #igerscagliari #igersardegna #instasardegna #sardegnagram #sardegnaofficial #sardiniaexperience #lanuovasardegna #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravelpic #natgeotravel #natgeocreative #lonelyplanet #travelstoke

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3 | South Sardinia

Cagliari, Sella del Diavolo

This is one of my favourites! People associate Cagliari with the main beach Poetto but not many tourists know about the hike to the “Sella del Diavolo”. At the beginning of the Poetto beach, near “Marina Piccola”, a lovely and lively small pier, starts the hike. It takes around 30/40 minutes to reach the top and enjoy this view. Not to be missed if you are visiting Cagliari!

Another day in #paradise 💙Do you know where you can admire this fantastic view? @asusitalia #ZenfoneZoom #cagliari #sardegnagram #sea #natgeotravel #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #view #igersardegna #igerscagliari #sardiniaexperience #lanuovasardegna #sardegnaofficial #sardegnagram #sardegna

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4 | South West Sardinia

Carloforte Island

I bet not many people know that Carloforte, a tiny island on the south coast of Sardinia, would hide so many enchanting spots! This is one of them, displaying a great sunset. If you want a vacation in Sardinia like no other, head to Carloforte and… you will not be disappointed!

The sky is on fire in #Sardinia💓 #ZenfoneZoom @asusitalia #sardiniaexperience #sardegna #sardiniaofficial #sardegnaofficial #sardegnagram #sardegnamare #sardiniamylove #igersardegna #igerscagliari #sunset #sunsetsniper #natgeoyourshot

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5 | South Sardinia

Cagliari , Sella Del Diavolo

Another shot I took during the hike to the Sella Del Diavolo in July, the colour of the water is stunning and the Agave plants scattered all around definitely add a touch of wilderness to the beauty of this place. I still can’t believe how many local people are surprised that these pictures were taken in Cagliari. Sometimes we travel across oceans when we have Paradise at home!

Sometimes we travel to remote places and don’t realize the beautiful things we have in our backyard…this is #sardinia …only 20 minutes away from my home town 💓💓💓 @asusitalia #ZenfoneZoom #lovetheocean #sea #natgeotravel #natgeoyourshot #lonelyplanet #natgeotravelpic #views #igersardegna #instasardegna #sardegnaofficial #sardiniaexperience #lanuovasardegna #igerscagliari #loves_sardegna #sardegna #sardegnagram

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6 | South Sardinia

Cagliari, view from the “Sella Del Diavolo”

Another panoramic view you can admire while hiking to the top of Sella del Diavolo in Cagliari. The hike itself is pretty easy and the rewards are endless as you can see ? When I hike I usually don’t bring my DSLR and I’m so relieved that I can take some great shot with my mobile!

100 shades of blue in Sardinia ❤💙❤ climbing to the “Sella del Diavolo” in #Cagliari Picture taken with my #ZenfoneZoom by @asus @asusitalia #sardinia #sardegna #igersardegna #sardegnagram #instasardegna #sardegnaofficial #sardiniaexperience #loves_sardegna #lanuovasardegna #igerscagliari #sea #view #viewpoint

Una foto pubblicata da Clelia – Keep Calm and Travel (@cleliakeepcalm) in data:

7 | South Sardinia

In Between Cala Cipolla and Su Giudeu Beach

This spot is simply awesome! I decided to explore a bit more of the rocky side of Cala Cipolla beach (on the left) so I went on a mission with my mobile on the scorching midday sun. The small hike was super easy and I found this secluded spot. A few guys were having the time of their lives jumping from the cliff (not recommended! you can badly hurt yourself on the rocks below). They were quite far away from where I was standing so…I zoomed in and… voila’!

If you are into fishing or simply relaxing far from the crowded July beach, this is it! Set aside for these crazy guys who left the “crime scene” 20 minutes later, it was just me and the wild nature. You’ll have to carefully find the path to get as close to the rocks on the water, find a flat one and…enjoy your paradise spot!

To jump or not to jump?! Glad I could get a little close with my #zenfonezoom and spot those crazy guys ? This is a marvelous spot just behind Cala Cipolla beach in #sardinia From the beach you climb a small hill and you can admire the whole bay and also see these hidden gems! @asusitalia #instasardegna #lanuovasardegna #sardegnagram #igersardegna #igerscagliari #sardiniaexperience #sardinien #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #ocean #beach #sea

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8 | Sardinia South Coast

Cagliari coast

Who needs to use a filter when the colors are so bright! I took this photo using the Zenfone HDR function (I’m super picky when it comes to sharpness) and loved the postcard results <3

This is the view from the top of the Sella Del Diavolo in #cagliari #sardinia …breathtaking💖💖💖 No need to enhance the colors or use any filter with my @asus @asusitalia #ZenfoneZoom! No jumping allowed of course 😂 #sardiniaexperience #lanuovasardegna #sea #viewpoint #view #instasardegna #natgeotravel #natgeocreative #natgeoyourshot #igersardegna #igerscagliari #sardegnamare #sardiniaexperience #sardegnaofficial #sardiniamylove

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9 | Sardinia East Coast

Oasi Biderosa – Orosei

I went in here last summer and let me tell you that it is one of the best “well-kept secrets” in Sardinia. Within reason. Oasi Biderosa is a 4 beaches complex inside of a national park so the access to the tourists is limited to 40 per day!

I went there in high season and NO ONE was there. Seriously, I’m Sardinian and I’m used to the crowds so I almost went into shock :D. You need to ask for directions to get there as the road is not straightforward from Orosei or Dorgali (my favourite area in Sardinia by the way) and you’ll have to pay a small fee to enter the natural park.

Tip: You can reserve your spot online by calling them. This is if you speak Italian as unfortunately, I didn’t see an English flag on the official website but you could always give it a try! Here is the website with the prices and contacts. Don’t miss this Paradise!

Home sweet home #sardinia ❤colors from paradise. Oasi Biderosa is one of the last protected areas in Sardinia. A maximum of 50 people are allowed to visit the 4 adjacent beaches and natural park to preserve its natural beauty. This picture was taken by me in August, during peak season. Just a few people, no crowds and a marvelous beach all for myself. So worth it! #ocean #LoveTheOcean #wonderful_places #sea #sardiniaphotos #sardiniaexperience #sardegna #igersardegna #instasardegna #loves_sardegna #lanuovasardegna

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10 |Sardinia East Coast

Oasi Biderosa – Orosei

Just another shot on the deserted beach in Oasi Biderosa. When I’m not swimming or simply staying in the turquoise waters for hours in a row,  I like to experiment with photography on an empty beach!

“Rock bottom become the solid foundation on which you rebuild your life” #sardinia #beach #sky #sardiniaphotos #sardiniaexperience #sardiniaphotoexperience #LoveTheOcean #WhatMakesTheOcean #bbctravel #lovetheworld #traveldeeper #lonelyplanet #views #takemethere #travelingourplanet #inspiring_photography_admired #ig_Sardinia #igersardegna #pro_ig #magicpict #madetotravel #lanuovasardegna

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11 | East Sardinia 

Orosei Beach

Another great spot in the fantabulous (is it even a word?!) Golfo di Orosei area. I’m telling you, if you decide to visit Sardinia and miss this place, you will regret it!

Side note (and you couldn’t care less, I know.. but this is my website, right?!) ? : This was the last time I wore that bikini (my all time favourite). After 15 years of a very intimate relationship, it gave up on me. Rest in peace my dear companion of so many adventures, you are greatly missed! <3

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it” – that’s why I screwed all my job commitments and took a 2 days vacations in PARADISE ❤ #sardinia #sardegna #sardiniaphotos #lycianman #sardiniaexperience #youshouldbehere #blackandwhite #views #viewpoint #LoveTheOcean #WhatMakesTheOcean #natgeo #bbctravel #awesome_earthpix #travelstoke #traveldeeper #guardiantravelsnaps #magicpict #pro_ig #inspiring_photography_admired

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12 | East Sardinia

Golfo di Orosei, Cala Biriola hike

What an amazing view huh?! This is what you will see if you trek to Cala Biriola, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Usually, you will reach the beach by boat during one of the daily trips but if you are feeling adventurous there is a hiking path (not for beginners) to get to the beach and admire this breathtaking view. Well worth the effort!

Cala Biriola is located near Cala Gonone, a very touristy but lovely area in the Golfo di Orosei and I can’t recommend this area enough.

A majestic view of Cala Biriola – Sardinia. Still not sure whether to visit or not?! ❤#sardiniaexperience #sardinia #orosei #sardegna #sardegnagram #viewpoint #views #sea #LoveTheOcean #WhatMakesTheOcean #bluesea #special_shots #youshouldbehere #iwishyouwerehere #NatGeoTravelStories #natgeo

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13 | South Sardinia

Chia, Spiaggia Su Giudeu

As you can see, my famous bikini was already resting at the bottom of my cupboard (yeah, call me sentimental I didn’t have the heart to just trash it). Many people asked me if I took this picture in a swimming pool. Nope, I was swimming in the turquoise seas of Su Giudeu Beach, just 45 min from Cagliari.

The picture was taken just seconds before I was attacked by an evil jellyfish. But worry not, they are not easily spotted in this area. I found the only vicious one probably and pissed it off by filming it and  invading her privacy. She clearly  didn’t like it! ?

Today I spent 5 out of 7 hours snorkeling in pure crystal turquoise waters in #sardinia, #chia #beach…my beautiful Island ❤I’m officially a fish! #sea #snorkeling #italy #beaches #turquoisewater

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14 | North East Coast

Caprera, Cala Coticcio

A true gem of Sardinia, not a coincidence that it’s been renamed “little Tahiti”! You can find this lovely spot in the Island of Caprera in the Archipelago della Maddalena. Easy to reach with the daily boat trips or even renting your own boat. Spending the day in such a beach is one of the activities you can’t miss when visiting Sardinia! Bring your snorkelling gear as this spot is perfect to morph into a fish for hours in a row! ?

After months in Asia, I’m finally going back to my lovely island! There is no place like home. Even after seeing some incredible places around the world, my Sardinia remains on top! #sardiniaphotos #sardinia #santateresa #sardinialovers #lonelyplanet #ilovesardegna #LoveTheOcean #WhatMakesTheOcean

Una foto pubblicata da Clelia – Keep Calm and Travel (@cleliakeepcalm) in data:

15 ) South Sardinia

Chia, Su Giudeu Beach

Chia again?! Yep, I mean come on, I have paradise less than one hour away from my parent’s home and I don’t enjoy it?! I had to be crazy not to. Chia is perfect for everyone, from snorkelling to reaching the small island in front of the beach to admire the whole gulf to aquatic sports such as windsurf, kite surf and…this.

Don’t ask me what’s the name of it as it was a trend that was born last summer (2015) and when I first saw these crazy people ejected from the water like that I was puzzled and fascinated. Did I tried it? Mhhhh no, thanks ? but just watching it is definitely amusing!

I always used to say “Life is a daring adventure.. Or nothing at All”… Until I saw THIS! Apparently this is the new trend for the summer in #sardinia as well. Will I try it? Stay tuned! ? #ig_captures #lycianman #special_shots #LoveTheOcean #WhatMakesTheOcean #bbctravel #natgeotravelstories #ig_masterpiece #sea #beach #beachlife #lovetheworld #traveldeeper #travelstoke #a#splendid_shotz #takemethere #iwishyouwerehere #italy #magicpict #pro_ig #watersports #ig_sardinia #tripinsardinia #sardiniaexperience #sardiniaphotos #instamoment

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